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We offer fertilization programs for residential and commercial properties.  With these programs, it is our goal to develop a healthy, thick and lush turf to reduce the potential for weed growth and pest/disease infiltration.  Where weeds are present, we use an effective liquid weed suppressant.

A Natural Approach

Organic Lawn Care is a natural approach to a healthy lawn and is customized to suit your lawns' needs. You will have a tailor-made program with all the nutrients needed from Spring to Fall to maximize your lawn’s health. The products and practices we use feed the grass and provide nutrients and organic matter to the soil. By adopting these healthy lawn care practices we can encourage dense growth – one of the best ways to reduce and/or eliminate invading weeds and other pests – and eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Ultimate Organic Lawn Care Packages

Ultimate Organic Lawn Care Packages Contact us today and create a customized package to suit your lawn care needs. For any questions or for more information about our lawn care packages, please contact us at 905-383-4488.

Additional Lawn Care Services

Aeration • Slitseeding • De-thaching • Beneficial Nematodes (controls grubs) • Lawn Rolling • Tree and Shrub Fertilizing • Deep Root Feeding

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