Who We Are

We believe our key values of honesty, positivity, and friendly communication set us apart in delivering a premier service experience for our customers.

Since our inception in 1982, we have grown into an experienced and trusted team of over 40 staff. With headquarters just outside Binbrook, Ontario – a fast-growing area in southeastern Hamilton, Ontario – we have a strong belief in investing in the community in which we live. Our key management and staff reside in the greater Hamilton area and have built many strong relationships with local residents and organizations.

Our essential values include taking great pride in our work, and it shows. We take great satisfaction in our customers telling us how impressed they are with our staff and the service we provide.

We value our relationship with each and every customer and hope that you become one soon.

Our Staff

The values and experience of our team are critical to delivering a premium customer experience.

Our key team members include:

Brian VanHengstum


Brian’s patient and even-keeled demeanour allow him to serve well as the point man in the management of our staff, fleet and equipment. Brian has a thorough knowledge of each of our service areas and provides exceptional customer service to our maintenance and snow removal customers.


Andrew Ostermeier


The founder of DICAM Landscaping, Andrew continues to set the tone for our key values. He provides strategic leadership for our team and works daily on estimating and sales for our lawn care, maintenance and snow divisions.


greg vanhengstum
Greg VanHengstum


Greg plays a key role in the management of our landscape construction crews, snow clearing staff, and equipment. His background in mechanics also helps to ensure that our crews and equipment are all running smoothly.


Bruce Odell


Bruce is our General Manager and handles our staffing, scheduling and a thousand other details. While new to DICAM he has years of experience in landscaping management and has already made a big impact for us. Best part of the job for him? Easy answer for him; the people. Followed closely by using softscapes to beautify any property. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors; whether kayaking, hiking and golfing. Welcome to the team Bruce!


Jim Fluit


Jim is largely responsible for turning great ideas into beautiful completed projects. His excellent design skills, plant knowledge, and practical experience in landscape construction help to set our landscapes apart. Jim’s positive influence helps our staff enjoy and take pride in their work to ensure great value for our customers.


Stephanie Bragdon


Stephanie is the friendly voice you will hear answering our phone and so far the best part of the job is the warm welcome from our team and loves to see the passion from everyone here! Stephanie’s’ favourite season is Autumn; beautiful fall colours and it also has her three favourite holidays – Thanksgiving, Halloween and her birthday! In her spare time Stephanie can be found snuggling with her fur baby Seymour and she is a whiz at solving rubiks cubes.

Welcome to the Team Stephanie!


Tabitha Cavarzan


Tabitha is our one-woman accounting team. She crunches and crushes the numbers with absolute ease! Her favourite part of working here has been the DICAM team; “A professional, friendly, hardworking, genuine team.” And we didn’t even tell her to say that. When she isn’t singing our praises Tabitha enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and spending time with her family.


Jessie Taynton


Jessie is new to the team and excited to be helping DICAM continue to be fantastic place to work and grow! Outside of work, Jessie is a musician who plays bass guitar in a couple bands, love doing concert photography, and tries to get outside and go for a good walk or hike everyday, especially through the trails around Hamilton


Mark Faber


Mark is new to our team but old to landscaping. He comes to us with a background in Marketing and a passion to make your property stand out. When he’s not in the office (and sometimes while he is) he is dreaming and planning his next vacation or found playing any team sport.


Ted VanderVeen


Ted is a Master Arborist and our fount of knowledge for all things lawn care. He has years of experience in pruning, and how to promote healthy growth in lawns and trees. Ted is always willing and happy to spend time sharing his knowledge, including all things Health and Safety related. Ted stays very busy in his free time with his family, especially with all the grandkids!

Jonathan Hagen


Jonathan loves working at DICAM. During the warmer months he leads a construction crew at the majority of our large residential and commercial jobs.  Jonathan spends his spare time with his wife and family. Jon’s favourite season is summer and he loves the outdoors. He always comes to work with a smile and embodies our values of “Smile. Serve. Speak.”

Daniel Hagen


Dan loves to get his hands dirty and is our resident expert on laying patios. During his spare time Dan loves to tackle woodworking projects and his favourite season at DICAM is the Spring.

Dennis Botelho


Dennis manages a maintenance crew all Summer, but once the grass slows down he can be found around the shop fixing small engines and doing all kinds of odd jobs. He loves the Winter and being out in a salt truck or plowing. Dennis is our longest employees with over 20 years at DICAM. One of Dennis’ passions outside of work is his fish and beautiful aquarium.

Frank Gagliardi


Frank has joined our team and helped keep us on track during these changing times. Frank runs the shop and yard, loading up trucks, repairing and maintaining equipment and smiling the whole time. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, heading out on his quad with his soon-to-be wife and tending to their large property and dogs. Thanks for all your hard work and great attitude Frank!

Kevin Moffett


Kevin is our resident handyman and we don’t even ask if he can fix it.. we just ask when he can. Kevin’s favourite part of the job is the variety he gets on a daily basis. When he isn’t solving problems for us, Kevin likes to be with his family, ideally camping or fishing!

Rochelle Miedema


Rochelle joined DICAM in 2015 and has been a valuable member of the DICAM team ever since. Rochelle has an infectious smile and a sure fire way to bring it out is to mention dogs, at all, in any way. Rochelle’s favourite part of landscaping? Being outdoors, especially during Fall!

Ryan Nienhuis


Ryan joined the DICAM team in 2018 and leads a crew in our lawn maintenance division. His favourite task is using the 60″ mower to cut grass and putting down beautiful lines on lawns. Ryan likes the summer months and getting outside and playing baseball in his free time. Thanks for all your hard work Ryan!

Zachary Allan


Zach leads one of our maintenance crews and you will be hard pressed to find him without a smile on his face.

Logan McColl


Logan joined our team in 2020 and works in our construction division. His favourite work during the summer is regrading and ensuring that properties are properly draining. Best time of year for Logan is the Fall, and outside of work he enjoys playing sports. Thanks for being a good sport Logan!

Hannah Kelly


Hannah is new to our team, but not new to landscaping! Best of working in landscaping is ability to be outside all day (doubly so on sunny Summer days!) Favourite part of DICAM so far is the people. When Hannah isn’t out crushing weeds and making properties shine, she likes to play the piano and read books.

Presley Belanger


Presley joined the DICAM team in 2020 and works in our lawn maintenance division. His favourite season is the winter and does a fantastic job keeping properties safe for customers and visitors! Best part of working at Dicam is the other hard-working team members. During his down time Presley enjoys long walks on the beach (wink wink) and playing video games. Give our office a call if you are looking for his number.

Muayad Al-Aaraj


Muayad loves landscaping, being outside, and working with his team to get the job done. In his free time Muayad loves to go to church, and spending time with his wife. Thank you Muayad for your hard work and great attitude!

Adam Schotsman


Best part of DICAM for Adam is the awesome people he gets to work with and the fun and challenging projects he works on. Favourite time of year is the summer, but he enjoys the winter if there is a lot of snow (crazy guy). In his free time Adam goes quadding and hanging out with his friends. Adam brings a great attitude and a ready smile every day!

Marin Al-Aaraj


Marin works with our construction team and always has a helping hand and a ready smile!

Joe Smith


Joe works on our industrial maintenance team helping to keep properties clear and safe of unwanted vegetation and growth. In his spare time Joe enjoys fishing.

Abigail VanVliet


Abbey works on our Garden maintenance team and her favourite part of DICAM is working outside and the satisfaction of making things look nice!  In her spare time Abigail enjoys baking and reading. Thanks for your excellent work Abbey!

Kaden VanHengstum


Kaden works with our Construction team helping to make properties reach their full potential!  In his spare time Kaden likes to be riding an ATV or just hanging out with friends.

Our Team

We Keep Growing!

We try to keep our staff page up to date but we keep growing. Thanks to everyone for their hard work all year!

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We are always looking for people who love working in the “green industry” and who share our core values. To apply for a position at DICAM Landscaping, please fill out our Job Application Form to let us know a little about yourself and why you are interested in working with our team.

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